Christoffer Jørgensen (1979)

Cand.jur. 2006
Lawyer 2010
Established own lawfirm 2012

Areas of expertise:
– Business law
– Company law
– IT og e-commerce
– Disputes

Since 2012 I have advised small and medium sized companies in a variety of commercial matters including; forming of contracts, commercial disputes, incorporation of companies. I have focused on businesses related to IT and have advised private individuals within real estate due to my earlier expertise.

In my own practice I have met many foreigners that have moved to Copenhagen, either to establish a family with a Danish partner, or to explore the opportunities of education or business in Denmark; I also moved here in 2000 to study law after living in Sweden with Danish parents.

One thing that has struck me in recent years is that many people from abroad often are at loss when it has come to handling basic legal issues in Denmark setting up businesses and the steps after.

With my experience working as a lawyer I have gained expertise in Danish business law. I believe that all should have same access to the Danish society and I therefore aim to provide legal services within Danish business law in English across platforms, including videos, articles and online paradigms.

Denmark is for many of us an open community, however it’s in need of a push to improving real access for foreigners coming here.